Written by Dian Curtis Regan
Published: 1995

The sound of hammering brought Beka off the top bunk bed in one swift leap. She landed smoothly on the braided rug below.

Darkness filled the attic.

It’s the middle of the night, she thought. What’s going on?

Welcome to #MysteryMay! Oddly enough, even though I barely read any mysteries nowadays, I loved them when I was a kid. Especially if they involved supernatural elements… like ghosts. Ghost Twins is one of many spooky series that I read, although truth be told, I’ve only ever read #4 and #7. I never found them in the library, and chanced across my copy of The Missing Moose Mystery during a book sale. Many years later, I chanced across The Mystery at Hanover School. Fortunately, each book does give you the basic background premise with a “press clipping” about the tragic boating accident at Kickingbird Lake that claimed the lives of Robert Adam Zuffel, his twin sister Rebeka Allison Zuffel, and their dog Thatch.

Beka, Robbie, and Thatch are ghosts who have been haunting the town of Juniper for over 50 years. During that time they’ve had to learn how to be ghosts, since no one gave them an instruction manual. They still “live” in the old Zuffel house, but Beka is woken up in the middle of the night by something unusual. An elderly painter and her granddaughter Jamie have come to stay briefly, but in secret. Jamie’s grandmother Nell is a famous artist who became temporarily blind after a stroke and has come to recuperate. Despite her handicap, Nell decides to continue painting, but when she does, some incongruous images pop up in the paintings that may be clues to a very old mystery: what happened to the statue of Morty the Moose which stood in the town square until someone stole and hid it? Excited by the mystery, Beka, Robbie, and Thatch decide to tag along and see if they can help Jamie solve the mystery. After all, what could possibly harm a ghost… except maybe another ghost?

I don’t know what it was in the 90s, but I managed to find a lot of books featuring twin protagonists, and I’m pretty sure that Beka and Robbie were among the first ones I encountered. The twins are a lot of fun, especially since Beka loves books and borrows them from the library. The mystery is fast-paced, but not obvious, and keeps you looking for clues along with the twins and Jamie. And I really liked the premise that the twins don’t know everything there is to be about being a ghost, that they are still learning and enjoying existence, even though their ability to affect the material world is limited. There is a buoyancy and optimism about them that made The Missing Moose Mystery a joy to revisit. Maybe I’ll be able to track down the other books and finally read the entire series.