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What is this place?

Second Unit Reviews is a site dedicated to my reviews, screen-rants, and other geeky fangirling over multimedia. The bulk of the reviews will be for movies, but I’ll also include television shows, comic books, anime, and video games. I’m consolidating the reviews that have been spread over several websites and platforms so folk can find them all in one place.

So you’re republishing content from other sites?

There will be a mixture of old and new content. Reviews that were published on other sites will have a note and a link indicating the original publication date and location. Most will be edited, tweaked, and updated a little to fit this new site. For some, I may post a follow-up review if my opinion has changed since then or if I’ve learned something new since that review was initially published. Once those are taken care of, I’ll start posting new, never-before-seen content.

Wait, don’t you already have a website?

Yes, The Cat’s Cradle is my main author site. However, it is focused more on the trials and tribulations of writing with a particular focus on fantasy novels. But I also want to write reviews of multimedia I really enjoy (or dislike) and didn’t want to dilute the focus of The Cat’s Cradle. (Plus, I wanted to play around in a new digital sandbox!)

Will you be turning these reviews into “Audio Editions” like your entries on The Cat’s Cradle?

While that is something I would like to do, I don’t know if it will be feasible. It’s already very easy for me to fall behind on making Audio Editions for The Cat’s Cradle. (It doesn’t take long to record one, but the editing and clean-up can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the length.) So I may make Audio Editions for Second Unit Reviews at some point, but for right now they will remain text-only.

What kinds of movies, TV shows, etc. will you be reviewing?

Fantasy and Science Fiction are my first choice when deciding what to watch, but I also enjoy Period Dramas and many classic films. I watch both live action and animated (traditional and CGI), and love television shows with long-running arcs with a lot of character development. I also prefer stories that have a happy ending for the majority of the characters, or at least a hopeful bittersweet one. For video games, I prefer single-player RPGs, but I have played co-op on some First-Person Shooters. I don’t mind some sex and/or violence in media as long as it serves a purpose in the plot and isn’t gratuitous. However, I do have a weak stomach and can’t handle gore or horror very well, so most of these will range from G to PG-13 with a few rated R for subject matter. I’ll indicate the rating (or at least an estimated rating) on each review so no one is taken by surprise.

Will there be spoilers?

Yup. The level of specificity varies, but assume that every review will contain some degree of spoilage. Proceed at your own risk and comfort level.

Why is it called “Second Unit”?

When I was in high school, my friends and I made an amateur independent film called The Green Sword. We were inspired by the recent release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy in theaters and decided to make our own fantasy epic. (It was pretty impressive for a group of inexperienced students on a $1.98 budget, but still objectively… well… amateur.) Since I didn’t play a main character, I stayed behind the camera and did a lot of the cinematography. My dad and I also filmed a good portion of the second unit footage for the movie. The “second unit” is the film crew which shoots supplementary footage like establishing shots, continuity shots, stunts, and anything else that doesn’t require the main actors. Now I always shout “Second unit!” when that crew is named in the end credits as a sign of solidarity and appreciation of their necessary work.

Will you take reader requests?

I’m always happy to receive recommendations and suggestions, although I can’t guarantee that I’ll actually watch or review them!



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